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Star Wars - Lightsaber Props
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I created this website to share with others my hobby. My hobby is collecting and creating lightsabers from the Star Wars movies. This hobby is very fascinating and interesting. Since starting my collection I have challenged myself to do things I never would have done before. The only flaw to this pass-time is that it leaves you broke.


Check out the links above to see my growing collection. Under each movie you can look at pictures of my lightsabers, and find out a brief history about the real props.

May 24th '01 = Got online!
June 9th '01 = Updated the Maul and Luke ROTJ pics. Added a pic of my second graflex. Made all the pics bigger.
June 15th '01 = Added pics of Graflex with clamp.
June 16th '01 = Added all the lightsaber descriptions.
June 19th '01 = Added pics of the real lightsaber props.

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