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Star Wars - Lightsaber Props
The Empire Strikes Back


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My Luke Skywalker lightsaber





Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, although the same lightsaber in "A New Hope", changed slightly. The prop makers decided to add another red button. On the bottom on Luke's "A New Hope" lightsaber there is a clear lens referred to as the glass eye. The glass eye was removed and an extra Graflex red button was added. A different type of D-ring was used. This D-ring came from another flash called a Linhof. The Linhof has a side mount which the prop makers took off and placed on the bottom on this lightsaber. The grips are still from a British tank's windshield wipers. They are positioned at odd hours on the clock, and rivets were added. It is assumed that the rivets were added to help keep the grips from falling off. The 7 digit LED calculator bubbles were replaced with a circuit board from an old computer. To cover the words Graflex on the clamp a piece of textured mylar tape was used. The base of the flash is still a Graflex.

Real film used Luke lightsaber prop


King Sol flash


Darth Vader's lightsaber changed from "A New Hope" to "The Empire Strikes Back" too. It is also suppose to be the same lightsaber. There are two popular different versions of the lightsaber. One uses a Micro Precision Products flash and the other a King Sol flash. The lightsaber that used the MPP flash barely changed from "A New Hope". The only difference is that the grips are a little longer and they are placed at even hours on the clock.
The King Sol version is a little different. King Sols do not have the same black clamp and black "emmiter" that MPPs do, so an emmiter and a clamp from a MPP were added to a King Sol. The grips are also from a British tank's windshield wipers. The positioning is at even hours on the clock. Instead of the 7 digit LED calculator bubbles sanded down to 6 six digits, a circuit board from a computer was put in the clamp. Vader's lightsaber used the same type circuit board as the one used in Luke's.

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