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Star Wars - Lightsaber Props
A New Hope


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My Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber




This is my Darth Vader lightsaber




Obi Wan Kenobi's lightsaber is quite the mish mash of different pieces. The original prop makers used many at the time commom items to construct this saber. The bottom is a sink nozzle from a British company. The nozzle is an A S handwheel. The next piece is known as the "Gear". The gear has not yet been indentified. Some people believe that it is a part from a conveyor belt or an old lawnmower. The next part is a Graflex clamp. Graflex is a vintage 1940's camera flash. Check out my Luke "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" saber for more info. 7 digit LED calculator bubbles were placed in the clamp. The next part is from a British Grenade gun. Only a few lucky people own this piece. The last part of the saber, referred to as the "emmiter" is also unidentified at this point. It is thought to be another part of a sink.

Real film used Obi Wan lightsaber prop


Darth Vader's lightsaber is made primarily from a Micro Precision Products flash. This flash is extremely hard to find. Prices for this flash range from $1000-$2000. What most people use for this saber instead is a Heiland Synchronar. The Heiland and the MPP are so similar that for years people believed that the Heiland was actually used. Basically the Heiland is the American counterpart to the British MPP. The only other parts added to this saber are the grips and the calculator bubbles. The grips are from old British tank windshield wipers. There are six grips in total placed on the flash at odd clock hour positions. The calculator bubbles are the same type 7 digit LED calculator bubbles Obi Wan Kenobi's lightsaber uses. But, due to the smaller MPP clamp, the 7 digits were sanded down to 6. A D-ring was added to the black "emmiter" of the MPP so that the lightsaber could be worn from a belt.

Real film used Darth Vader lightsaber prop


This is my second Graflex flash



Graflex Bird's Eye

Luke's lightsaber is made from a Graflex 1940's camera flash. This flash is very sought after in the prop community. The prices for this flash have become high lately so some prop makers have decided to replicate it. The only things added to this saber are the D-ring on the bottom of the saber, the grips and the calculator bubbles. The D-ring was attached so that Luke's lightsaber could hang from a belt. The grips are the same as Darth Vader's. They are from an old British tank's windshield wipers. The position is also at odd clock positions. The 7 digit LED calculator bubbles were added in the clamp and they are the same ones used for Obi Wan's and Darth Vader's. Tape was also added to this lightsaber to cover the word Graflex on the clamp.

Real film used Luke lightsaber prop


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