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Star Wars - Lightsaber Props
The Phantom Menace


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My Darth Maul lightsaber




This lightsaber was used by the evil Darth Maul. It was completed machined as where all the lightsabers from "The Phantom Menace"(except for Yoda's). Maul's lightsaber is the first lightsaber to ever be seen that has emmiters at both ends. The lightsaber attaches to a belt with a device called a Covertech knob. The Covertech knob then clips into a device that attaches to a belt.

Real film used Darth Maul lightsaber prop


My Praco flash

Praco flash

Yoda's lightsaber, although not seen in "The Phantom Menace", is made from a Praco flash. Yoda is never seen with a lightsaber, but a lightsaber was made for Yoda to be seen in the Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionnary. The Praco flash is also a very rare flash. Many people use a flash known as a Bolsey to make Yoda's lightsaber. The Bolsey is basically a mirror version of a Praco.
More info about this lightsaber will come as I convert my real Praco.

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